Wednesday, June 8, 2011

...stay the same...


Alhamdulillah..I still have a chance to log in ..piouSpdosH.. 
It is June already and I have to prepare myself for my Intersession Final. It seems like two more weeks to go and after that I'm gonna be a full-time-holiday-student for at least two months before September.

Hmmm...after the morning class, i played all of my video clips collection. Then, i found a really sweet video clip that led me to remember the sweetest moment with my friends. Seriously and honestly, i do really LOVE MY FRIENDS. Because of them, i know what is exactly the meaning of UKHWAH.

So, to all my friends

This is a song by Joey McIntyre titled 
"Stay The Same"

I have no idea to whom i'm gonna dedicate this song. But, for sure it is for someone. It is not just a song actually. It is like a request coming from the bottom of my heart in order to get back my "old" friend. 

Yeah! Obviously, he's already changed. And everybody deserves for the changes right? But, it doesn't mean we have the right to change from a good person to a bad one. For me, i don't call it as CHANGE.

So, to my "old" friend, listen to this song because i just want you to be the way who you are. I really miss the "old" you.
Only the "old" you makes UKHWAH FILLAH ABADAN ABADA

"your story may not have such a happy beginning, 
but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story. 
Who you choose to be."

p/s: since i wrote this entry in english, i have to make it short. Hahaha. 


hafiz hafizol said...

xpahang setabuk mung tulis nape nie ha?? Hahahahaha

hafiz hafizol said...

ok.. dah faham... such a nice entry u wrote dude.. N im touching when i read this.. we are the same.. i miss my "old" frenz too.

piouspdosh said...


huhu..ceh, mule2 tak paham..pastu jawab dalam english dh macam mat salleh dh..haha..hmm, sama la, aku rndu kawan aku dgn perangai lama dia =(

p/s: kalo aku ckap aku rndu kau, kau mesti muntah kan? haha

yad'z said...

people always change.. even in a minutes we can know the true colour of them... were in same boat.. im missing someone too.... =(

#terabur habess.. jangan komen! haha

Along Usop said...

the changes made us mature.. :)




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